Emery Stones

All successful millers & Flour Mills rely on Choyal Emery Stones with their eyes closed, not because they have no other options, but just because of Quality, Quality & Quality.

Quality Features:
  • Choyal emery stones are manufactured on automatic plant to maintain consistency in quality.

  • Choyal stones are balanced on high precision machines which saves time during setting up the stone for first use.

  • Choyal emery stones produce cooler due to design and quality.

  • Choyal stones maintain the aroma & taste of the flour resulting good lab reports.

  • Choyal provides optionally the computerised dynamic emery stones for more power savings, more productivity & less maintenance.

  • Choyal emery stones are manufactured for high quality emery for better strength & life.

  • Choyal emery stones are globally accepted for quality resulting in exports to more than 20 countries since 4 decades.

E101200 MMDANISH – VERTICAL75 209.00
E102250 MMDANISH – VERTICAL1252526.00
E103300 MMDANISH – VERTICAL1503029.00