Grain Processing

Grains arriving in the mill usually contain foreign matter, such as strings, straw, parts of bags, wood, stones, or metal that must be removed before processing. The contaminants usually become mixed with the grains in the field and during its transfer through the various stages of the grain processing and grain-handling system. In addition, grains always contain some seeds of other plants, even if grown under the best conditions. If farming or environment conditions are poor, the amount of screenings is likely to increase. Although part of the foreign material (dockage), or all of it, is discounted in the trade, the cleaning system in the mill should be designed to allow the miller enough flexibility to properly clean any Grains arriving at the mill.

The CLEANING SECTION is subdivided into-

  • Intake – Incoming Grains is weighed, sampled and analyzed.
  • Pre Cleaning – Upon arrival, the Grains are pre-cleaned with a high-capacity system to separate coarse foreign material, ferrous particles, and dust and to prepare the Grains for storage and safe handling.
  • 1st Cleaning – Major Cleaning ends at dampening or washing
  • Conditioning or Tempering – To prepare Grains in the same state of mellowness for same grinding conditions
  • 2nd Cleaning – To remove any impurities left over in previous cleaning system

To make effective cleaning we need proper cleaning machines for getting the best results. Customer can find suitable machine for every need from our vast range of grain processing machines.