Parallel Helical And Bevel Helical Gear Reducers For Heavy Industry – Cast Iron


The Motovario PBH series of gearboxes for heavy industries, is a range of parallel and bevel helical gearboxes up to 4 reduction stages, built as standard and designed specifically to ensure maximum reliability in the most arduous conditions. PBH series reducers present the classic features of parallel and bevel helical gear reducers such as robustness, efficiency, compactness and reliability, combined with universality, ease of application and low maintenance which are a result of a modern design concept, typical of quality reducers.

Certifications Available: ATEX 3GD on special request

Warranty: Two years from date of delivery


  • Sizes: 180, 200, 225, 250, 280, 320, 355
  • Train of gears: 1, 2, 3 and 4 stages for parallel helical reducers - 2, 3 and 4 stages for bevel helical reducers.
  • Nominal output torque 78.000 Nm (n1= 1500 rpm)
  • Available input versions: P – with bell coupling, I – with male input shaft
  • Available output versions:
    HC - Hollow low speed shaft with keyway ,
    HL - Hollow low speed shaft with shrink disk ,
    HS - Splined hollow low speed shaft ,
    CS - Cylindrical solid low speed shaft ,
    SS - Splined solid low speed shaft ,
    CD - Cylindrical double extended solid low speed shaft ,
    SD - Splined double extended solid low speed shaft
  • Gears and pinions in 16CrMo4, 15NiCr13,17CrNiMo6 hardened and casehardened steel
  • Reduction ratios between 1,25 and 760
  • Cases in 200 UNI ISO 185 cast iron
  • Electrostatically paint with epoxy polyester powder, minimum dry thickness 80 microns. Blue color RAL 5010