Process Improvement

New Edge Method for making a grove on an Emery Stone by automatic stone dresser.

Choyal Emery Stone Dresser

History teaches us that mankind has been milling grain to feed their families for thousands of years. Today, milled grains are available commercially as the readymade flour is in trend nowadays.

wonder-drop-409x540As the trend of readymade flour is increasing, the Atta Plant Manufacturers also have to produce the flour at large scale.

Properly maintained and dressed millstones could mean the difference between a mill making a profit or losing money. The well-dressed millstones will give the miller better control over the quality and quantity of the flour ground. The art and skill of millstone dressing varied from mill to mill. One dresser may think cracking lines are useful, while another thinks they are totally useless. Today as yesterday, not all millers know how to dress millstones. The job of the millstone dresser is hard work.

The process of dressing the stone is not automatic till date and the plant owner have to rush behind the efficient chippers. Millstone is needed to be evenly balanced and achieving the correct separation of stone is crucial to produced good quality flour. As per traditional method, the millstone is dressed manually. The tools used to dress are marking tools, balanced tools, dressing tool, bush hammers etc.

The companies are fully dependent on chippers and on conventional tools, due to the high absenteeism in India the Atta plant manufacturer face the problem whenever the chippers are absent. Because of this, whole manufacturing process interrupts. The traditional process is very critical and unsafe too.

A survey has been done that most of the Atta plant manufacturers are looking for automatic stone dresser machine to carry the production process in proper flow without any interruption. And to overcome these problems, we have developed an Automatic Stone Dresser (Patented) which is a complete package to dress an emery millstone efficiently, effectively and safely. In addition to this, it is capable to cut the Gala (Taper Of Mill Stone), which means we are providing you a dual feature machine. The machine is made for the stone size of 24”, 30”, and 48”.

This is a machine which can do the work of grooving automatically with minimum manual requirement and you will be surprised by the outcome with minimum time consumed.

Technical Features
  • Size available 600, 750, 1200 mm stone dressing.
  • Cutting of the width of the grove in a single stoke. (50, 75, 100 MM)
  • Taper of the groove maintained by machine itself as factory set grooves.
  • Depth of the grove can be adjust by the machine
  • Very smooth grove cutting
  • Good life of cutting tool
  • Very economical against human performance
  • Single groove dressed in just 3-4 minutes
  • Dust blower / Duct collection system are optionally provided
  • 12 time faster than human
  • No skilled manpower required laymen can operate the machine*
  • 440 V 3 Phase, 50 Hz.
  • Electric Control Panel