Wonder Drop

wonder-drop-409x540Introducing Wonder Drop. A semi automatic dampener system for all your tempering needs. Built in a light and compact design, this machine can take up its duties well .With and inbuilt grain feed control system coupled with water feed control system, the Wonder Drop ensures consistent quality. With years of research and development, we have developed the Wonder Drop, semi automatic dampening system with PLC system, user-friendly interface, and easy to maintain system. Wonder Drop is designed for the control of different grains. The expected water addition and the current moisture of grain can be set initially on the HMI of the automatic dampening system. The original grain flow and water flow data is detected by the system and sent to the PLC which calculates the water and grain flow intelligently. Then the control valves will be controlled by the PLC to adjust the water flow and grain flow.

Key Features:
  • Import substitute for the high end machineries involved in the process.

  • Integrated volumetric grain flow controller.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • Incredibly economical yet reliable.

  • Available in Semi Auto and Fully Automatic variants.

  • Extensive applicability among all the grains.

  • Plug and play operation.

  • Wi-fi enabled*